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Graduate Assistant/Evening Supervisor (Fall 2008- Fall 2010)

Edgewood College Library (WI)

“Easter actively seeks ways to gain experience in the profession through participation in conferences, exploring a variety of practicum experiences, and working with our staff in difference areas”

“Easter is technologically savvy and has been a great asset to the staff of our library in developing a library blog, working with our Instant Messaging service and taking a turn on our Question Point chat shifts”

“She has also established good relationships with both full time library staff and work-study students and has been very helpful in training our student workers.  Her competence and reliability encouraged us to have her rotate with our professional staff on the Saturday schedule when she is the only staff person to open and close and cover the reference desk.  I have also appreciated her input in developing class handouts as well as researching different aspects of information literacy as we work on a new general education curriculum. []  Service to patrons is clearly a high priority for her”

“Given Easter’s organizational and technological abilities, willingness to work, and keep informed about multiple library issues I think that she is exactly the person you will want to have in the Emerging Leaders program.  I have every expectation that she will be a vibrant contributor to librarianship”

—Andrea Kenny, Head of Public Services Librarian (retired)

kennyjanda (at) sbcglobal (dot) net


Collection Management & Reference Practicum (Spring 2010)

Stoughton Public Library (WI)

“Throughout her time [], Easter demonstrated that she was an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and engaged library professional.  In one memorable incidence Easter took  the initiative to research a locally discussed topic in national professional publications and report back on library trends in collaborative collection development.  This is just one example indicative of both the curiosity and diligence that will serve Easter well as a leader within our profession and professional organizations”

“She has demonstrated to us that she is enthusiastic about her career choice and eager to build upon her past volunteerism with both State and National library organizations as a way to improve herself and the profession as a whole.  We feel she is already well on her way toward being a leader within our profession…”

—Jaime Vache, Director (former) & Sarah Carlson, Adult Services Librarian

swatson (at) scls (dot) lib (dot) wi (dot) us

Reference Practicum (Spring 2009)

Madison Public Library (WI)

“Easter was eager to learn about all aspects of library work and to actually do as many different tasks as we could fit into her time. She always asked good questions, both general library questions and specific questions about how to handle situations. She has great customer service skills and computer skills.”

— Mary Burton, Supervising Librarian (retired)